Edible provides a credible adjective to words requiring editing that are not necessarily consumable, thus defeating the age old myth that food needs to be eligible in order to be edible.
I clicked on edit in urbandictionary thinking some more scrumptiouos definitions may be edible. Although I thought fruit was edible it was ok, so there was no need for the spelling to be edible.
by Hercolena Oliver May 15, 2008
1) Fit for human consumption, hopefully not poisonous.
3) Currently mentioned in a game called cranium. The card suggests the player to perform the object (Edible Underwear) on the card with silent actions only. Here's what it led to:
Person: 'Excuse me, I do believe my blood sugars are low. I'm just going to sample this edible underwear. Hope you don't mind.'
by aquavivat May 08, 2005

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