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1.A small town in Maryland full of rednecks. 2.The shittiest place on earth. 3.Where the Apocalypse will begin.
Don't move to Edgewater, you'll get shot up by a redneck.
by Lorenzo Alcazar February 28, 2006
A 3-mile long strip of land where no matter where one lives, it is possible to purchase marijuana at 15 paces from one's door. Also, refuses to spend funds on building a high school and would rather build thousands of delevopments instead.
Edgewater is not so splendid.
by BAGELONTOP October 28, 2005
-small town located in bergen county
- along the Hudson River; nice view of NYC
- very wealthy town, not very populated
- where many young teens come to hang out, usually from Cliffside Park or Ridgefield.
- sometimes referred to as E-Water or Edge
- mainly known by teens for its huge Movie Theatre
"Yo what are you doing tonight?"

"Goin to hang out at edgewater"

by jas0n231 March 24, 2009