1. An indeterminate gender. 2. A man, such, who is a gender unto himself. 3. A highly disturbing topic of conversation, ranking almost with that of Jiharn.
<Eden99> Of course! ^.~
* Eden99 huggles Fan, and rubs his hands down Fan's back.
<Fanatic72802> o_O;;;
by Fan December 05, 2003
The ultimate Guardian Force in the lesser know but quite satisfying Final Fantasy VIII.
Guy1: omg, I finally got Eden last night on Final Fantasy VIII!!!

Guy2: Wtf is final fantasy VIII?
by witheringsun November 06, 2008
A girl with this name most likely smells awful
GROSS! Eden walked by!

Ew I can smell Eden from a mile away

Wow, Eden sure smells worse then normal today
by Thecoolone2123 March 18, 2009
The most powerful GF in FF8 Using Eden is the only way to break the damage limit of 9999 in the game.

Rivals the Knights of the Round when it comes to "longest summon ever".

Actually I think its hell of a lot longer. The only reason you would want to sit and watch the whole damn thing is for boosting its strength.
You really got to sit there and jam on that boost button 250 times in a random frantic manner.
Try not to get screwed over by pressing the button at the wrong time...
by Angelo November 06, 2004
A good band from Atlanta, Georgia.

which has former grundig/cold band member Sean Lay on guitars

Lead vocals of Garrett Freireich

badass bassist Stephen Brink

and drummer Chris Wilkes

Check them out... You Know You Want To


Get back to the garden…Get back to eden.
yo dude Eden fucking rocks
by Jon February 01, 2005
A complete whore who likes to wear very very short dresses and flaunt her whoreishness. She thinks she is the hottest shit and though many may agree, there are many more who secretly hate her. Many guys will say the only thing she has going for her is her long,sexy legs, beautiful ass and nice body. As those things may be true, her personality sucks !!!
Girl 1: Look at her dress!
Girl 2: Yeah it's almost as short as Eden's.!!!
by Gretchen Weiner234567 July 02, 2010
Eden is the very essence of the ever-puzzling ultimate question of the meaning of life, the universe and everything. It is the divine, sublime, heavenly, Godly proof of unicorn riders who ride on rainbows and fart waterfalls out of their perfect bubble bums. It is also commonly believed to be an awfully dissapointingly useless, humorless and disastraus answer consisting of a poor meaningless number, 42.
So when you say Eden, you usually mean "something bigger than life itself" which is honestly "one big fat limping phony hollow blank empty nothingness". Like the legendery infamous 21st century chubby hairy embarrassing creature named Eden, it's a whole lot of fuss over nada.
Dickhead: "What just happened?!"
Assleg: "I saw my entire life flush before my eyes. Literally, I was crapping my guts out."
Dickhead: "Woahhh... How'd it feel like????"
Assleg: "Well my entire life turned out to be nothing at all in particular, so I'd say it was Edenesque."
by Altis May 06, 2016
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