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"Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" is Cartoon Network's longest running show, and the only thing that saved Cartoon Network after its falling. The creator of "Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" is a Canadian man named Danny Antonucci, who has had a great interest in animation since he was 14 years old.

Unlike many modern cartoons that you see on TV today, "Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" still uses a type of animation called Cel Animation. It is used to reflect to cartoons back in the 1930's, plus it makes the show unique and literally stand out from all the other shows on Cartoon Network.

"Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" revloves around three preteens who live in a normal suburban cul-de-sac in a town called Peach Creek. These three boys journey through the evils of puberty, pimples, peer pressure, and awkward encounters with the oppoiste sex.

"Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" can interest kids AND adults. Kids like it because of it's funny plots and wacky cartoon violence. Adults enjoy how it reminds them of their own childhood.

I'm 14 years old, and I've been watching "Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" since 1999. The characters have changed so much since then, and they have truly earned their place as my Number 1 cartoon ever. The animation, the characters, the hidden secrets (such as the "Don't touch yourself" sticky note on Edd's bathroom wall), the plots, everything!

This is truly a wonderful and unique show, and I recommend you watch it if you haven't already. You will not be disappointed.
Eddy: "This ain't working, Double D!"

Edd: "Have faith, Eddy. After all you did teach him everything you know."

Eddy: "Oh yeah, I did! Didn't we win an emmy for that episode?"

Edd: "...hardly!"

- "Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" from the episode 'Stuck In Ed'
by LynseyEEnE May 06, 2008
Cartoon Network's last great show. It premired in 1999. The show was great, until they had the characters go to school.
Ed, Edd 'n Eddy forever!
by edman9150 May 24, 2009
This is a show on cartoon network that started January 4, 1999. This is the best show ever. I dont like people who dont like it.
Hurry we will miss the new Ed, Edd n' Eddy episode
I want the box set coming November 2006.
by Shadow Inmenn June 13, 2006
One of the few surreal and genuinely animated shows ever made. Generally people who say they don't like the show experience a myriad of self esteem issues up to and mainly including prematurely ejaculation.
Fag: Ed, Edd n Eddy is gay. I couldn't watch five minutes of it.

girlfriend: Funny thing, If you could only last 5 seconds without cumming in yur pants, You could actually pretend like you had a dick.
by JinjoMushroomVillage February 25, 2011
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