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The other guitarist for Radiohead. You know, the tall one.
Ed O'Brien is a massive, hip-thrusting rock God.
by payinattention August 29, 2008
Someone who gives anal on a regular basis, often reaching legendary status in lordship of anal. This person often smokes a lot of weed as well.
Michael: So one time I was givin this chick anal, right?
Colin: You're a real Ed O'Brien. Everyone could tell that you were really givin' it to her.

Thom: One day, I wish to be the lord of anal.
Jonny: Who do you think you are? Ed O'Brien?
by doctor what June 26, 2009
One of English alternative rock band Radiohead's two guitarists, the other being Jonny Greenwood. Ed is known for his extensive pedal usage, which is instrumental in creating the atmospheric textures found in many of Radiohead's songs. He actually runs two pedalboards, one for delay/atmospheric sounds (most prevalently heard during the Kid A era) and one for distortion and other more straightforward effects (think The Bends and OK Computer). He is by far the tallest member of Radiohead at 6'5'', as well as considered the most attractive member. He has handled a considerable amount of press in the past for the band, probably second to Thom and possibly Colin. O'Brien was the first Radiohead member to move away from the bands hometown of Oxford to London, circa In Rainbows. He has a wife, Susan, a son, Salvador, and a daughter, Oona, and has been ranked by several lists and polls as one of the greatest guitarists of the modern era (including Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarists, sharing spots 59 and 60 with Jonny).
New Radiohead listener: How does the tall guy on the left get his notes to sustain for so long?
Pretentious Radiohead fan/gear whore: Ed O'Brien? Most all of his guitars are outfitted with Fernandez Sustainers, which he then routs through a shitton of delays to sound like a fucking siren.
by captain_e August 12, 2011
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