-acronym for
Extra Curricular Student-Teacher Activity Sex Yo-yo:
The act of having sex with a teacher, while bungee jumping. It is highly advised to listen to a remix of Hot for Teacher and Free Fallin' during the shenanigan, if one wishes to obtain the full experience. Not recommended for those who suffer from sexual insecurities and/or fear of heights.

1. "Doing E" is the slang term commonly associated with ECSTASY.

2. "Today, two young men have broken three world records for the highest velocity, furthest distance, and longest duration ever achieved in synchronized ECSTASY."
by EpicShinanigans December 14, 2010
Commonly known as "X" or "E", ecstasy is a drug party used mainly at underground raves, or clubs. Although many people are starting now to use it at different occasions and locations. It's mostly related to dance music. It contains the chemical MDMA, and it's been around for about 20 years or so. Ecstasy gives you a feeling of love, and tolerance with everyone. When you're "Rolling" on ecstasy, you feel more confident, massages feel extremely good, and you just want to feel or touch another person. Not recommended to mix with another types of drugs. You must constantly drink water so you won't dehydrate. It's not legal in any part of the world, although is used worlwide. Its use has been increasing over the last years in the USA, and many other countries.
I'll recomend everyone to try it at least once. Non-physically adictive.
Ecstasy come in a tablet form that is often branded, e.g. Playboy bunnies, Nike swoosh, CK
by thecolombiandude November 06, 2006
Ecstasy is a drug whos slang name is perfect for it.
Pure Ecstasy. If i could, i would roll forever. I Love E. Everything begins with E
all we wanna do is be happy.
by ck1sweet October 11, 2003
Methylene-dioxy-meth-amphetamine (MDMA), also known as ecstasy, is a synthetic drug from the empathogen family. It primarily affects serotonin levels in the brain and causes effects like stimulation, mild hallucinations and feelings of love and empathy. It is sold in the form of pressed tablets with different colors and imprints as well as powder-filled capsules ("Molly").
Once used in psychotherapy, Ecstasy is a Schedule I drug highly associated with the rave scene.
by Kween Frostine May 18, 2010
Ecstasy is a slang term for an illegal drug that has effects similar to those of hallucinogens and stimulants. Ecstasy's scientific name is "MDMA," short for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a name that's nearly as long as the all-night dance club "raves" or "trances" where ecstasy is often used. That's why MDMA is called a "club drug."
Dude can I get some Ecstasy.

Dude I some chick slipped an Ecstasy in my drink .
by Yattyy December 08, 2008
pretty much the best drug out there for under 10 bucks today...unless ur gettin expensive shit, in which, it sucks to be you. and whoever said the high only lasts for 4 hours is a freakin idiot...because im pretty sure it depends on how much u take. trippin on 6 good pills will def. keep u going for over 10 hours, especially when u don't sleep or eat.
"yo man i was trippin' so bad on ecstasy last night that when i walked by this ladies house i could smell this plant that she had in her garden and i was like, yo she prolly doesn't even want that plant cause it smells like shit so im gunna take it for her"

i also stole, a buncha lawn gnombs, a birdbath,a couple plants, some lawn chairs,3 bikes,a toy dog (which i carried around for an hour cause i always wanted a little dog) while wearing a pilon on my head with no shoes. it was pretty great.
by surley hurley September 21, 2007
Sheer bliss; euphoria; rapture; an out of body experience as in floating on air.
When Kiersten's labia clamped down on Tyrone's eleven inches and they came together, it was all of the above.
by Richard Black March 25, 2005

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