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Ecstasy (MDMA - "Methylenedioxymethamphetamine") is one of the most used and amazing drugs ever. It is a stimulant and psychedelic drug. Ecstasy is often abbreviated as "E", "X", "EX", or "XTX".

It is considered of the best drugs ever because it doesn't pose any major risks to your health, is fairly cheap (depending on your area), and the high (or "roll") it gives is unexplainable and extremely incredible.

Unlike many who have posted about this drug, I have lots of experience with it and have had it many times. The feelings it brings you are total relaxation & happiness. The way it makes you feel (literally) is like this: imagine having an orgasm spewing out everywhere from your body, but the feeling 20x more intense than a real orgasm. Imagine at the peak of sex where you are literally cumming, but that feeling for hours (but feels like forever), surrounding your body. When I get up to walk around when I'm rolling on ecstasy, it feels as though I'm running a million miles an hour, and whenever I touch anywhere on my skin it feels like even more of an intense orgasm (which is why people rub their arms a lot when on ecstasy). That is the best way I can describe it.

Be aware though of what you put in your body and where you get your ecstasy. The main ingredient is MDMA, but most of the time dealers cut in (mix with) meth, heroin, or other meth/heroin based drugs (like oxycontin). You might just be on a high from meth instead of actual MDMA, because mixing in meth can be a lot cheaper. Make sure you ask your source that it's either pure MDMA or at least 90% MDMA.

Although it is not physically addictive (where you need it do just live), it can be mentally addictive where you need it to go throughout the day, you absolutely NEED that high and rolling feeling. However, this only occurs from very, very heavy abuse.

Ecstasy is NOT a drug like weed, shrooms, or acid, where you can go out and fuck around with your friends. The effects are totally different and you just want to sit down and be with someone you love or be with good friends and listen to music and just lay down; this is why ecstasy is called the "sex drug" because most people who intake it have sex while they're on it, to increase the feeling. This is not saying you have to engage in sexual activity, it's just what people do. You can still have a good time relaxing and chilling with friends, but this drug can not be and should not be used out in public (with the exception of raves and heavy parties). Turn some good music on, relax, sit down, and just enjoy the feeling.

Overall, it's (in my mind, and many others) one of the safest, cheapest, best fulfilling and amazing drugs out there. Know where you get it from, make sure it's pure MDMA or mostly MDMA, and have a good time with a loved one, boyfriend/girlfriend, or some good friends.
Ecstasy is the most amazing drug ever.
by Filter270000 August 20, 2008
rolldogs, diso biscuit, x, xtc, love drug
The single most awesome drug in existence. If you catch a good roll, you'll feel like you're going down a sliding board covered in silk for about 4 hours (best accompanied by a vibrator held to the temple.. or anywhere else that feels good!). Catch a rough one, and you'll feel like you're on a 4 hour roller coaster with a broken handlebar. Also, the funk that ensues makes you wish you were dead. Follow with funk eliminator
They ate x for 5 days straight.
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
Ecstasy makes you wanna fuck the world!
Boy: Baby, I´m just not feeling it
Girl: *gives boy ecstasy*


10 minutes later

by ZombieCancer November 21, 2009
drug which can be dangerous
by EHEAD July 19, 2013
you have a permanent grin on your face the entire time and touch feels amazing. you feel closer to whoever you are around and you have no worries at all
girl: dame, i can't explain how much i love you man. like....like i can't believe how close we are dude
boy she hates: ........we hate each other tho
boy she hates: are you on Ecstasy?
girl: noooooooo, why would you think that?
boy she hates: .........i have no idea
girl: -hugs him- you smell so good~
boy she hates: uhhhh....
by Otakugirl April 13, 2014
A state of very great happiness; extreme delight.
"Helping underprivileged children puts me in a state of ecstasy."
by theblueman February 26, 2014
The feeling you get after being with the most remarkable women known to mankind.
Courtney took me to ecstasy today and now I'm hooked!
by Biscuit stealer November 27, 2012
1.to be really, really happy
2.a drug that causes you to be really, really happy, usually resulting in saying "i love you" alot and a desire to kiss and have sex with everyone in the near vacinity. of course, anything that good has to be shitty, so usually if you have a cold, or feel under the weather, ecstacy makes you die. have fun ravers!
holy shit, that ecstacy made me ecstatic, but i ended up sleeping with a goat.
by Mikala June 26, 2005