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A person that views every blip in the weather, every heat wave, every rain-storm, hurricane, blizzard or lack there of as a sign from the evironment as proof of global warming. Much like a person that gets regular aches and pains in their body and then assumes they have cancer, heart-disease, rabies, scabies, bird flu, and the like...
Person 1: This August heat wave is so hot, it must be global warming!

Person 2: When I was a kid we just called it "summer" you ecochondriac!
by Tim Allen! August 22, 2006
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Believing that the presence of humans on the planet is a fundamental mistake and any human endeavor will cause ecological disaster.
If you exhale CO2 and feel guilty about it, you may be an ecochondriac.
by Zorroskye August 27, 2016
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