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This word can be used for anything. It can get u out of weird situations.

Can be used to show signs of graditude or to accept compliments.

Can be used in a form of LOL.
Example 1:Narnia goes up to Willie Wonka and sais "I heard your girlfriend dumped you". Willy Wonka does not know what too say and sais "ECHODE" and walks away. Willy Wonka walks away happily and Narnia is confused.

Example 2: Person 1 sais "UR pic is sexy". Person 2 sais "echode".

Example:Narnia scores on Willy Wonka in FIFA 11 and screams "Echode!"
#lol #xd #thank you #welcome #way too go
by Basedgod10 May 18, 2011
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