Billionaire Richard Branson
Your almost as eccentric as Richard Branson
by His Dudliness April 16, 2008
insane person who is rich
The poor are insane, the rich just eccentric.
by Rook November 08, 2003
Someone too rich and/or famous to be a 'creepy loser'.
John made the leap from "creepy loser" to "eccentric millionaire" when he won the lottery.
by Anon April 19, 2005
When someone tells you they consider themselves to be "eccentric" it just means fucked up in the head. Eccentric...just a good excuse for not having friends and fitting in.
We were fucking last night and Jessa screams out "I'M ECCENTRIC" which now I know she was really just saying that her pussy is just as twisted as her thoughts and beliefs........that explains my inability to nutt on her face!!!!
by phishbowl August 06, 2009
Some loser who hangs out in #TFZ too much.
OMG, Eccentric is such a loser!
by CptTrips March 01, 2003

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