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a person who is very mysterious. A person who has another personality that he/she can easily hide from the rest of the world. 1 personality is shy and pensive while the other is wild, loud, and crazy and loves to have fun.
Besty was being a total Ebun today. When i asked her about her plans for the evening she told me she would be studying;but later on when i went out to the club, she was in the center of the dance floor. What was she studying anatomy?
#gemini #2 sided #1 sided #square #surprising
by Ebun June 19, 2008
An African name for girls who hop from bed to bed.
Guy: My ex keeps sleeping around worse then a hobo
Best friend: that's an ebun for you. Their the frogs of the bedroom.
#african #homewrecker #slut #skank #rude #gross
by XoRobinson September 20, 2015
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