An Ebba is usually of the Italian and or Swedish race. And Ebba is usually male, and usually has a large nose accompanied by dark skin. The women however, appear to take the race of their mother. Ebba men are usually greedy. Ebba women flaunt fabulous personalities and amazing hair. Altough they too have an attitude problem. Anger issues are common in all Ebba's.
1. That guy must have taken an italian bath... what an Ebba.
2. That Ebba was so hot last night, her hair was so soft, but god was she a control freak or what?
by theendoftheline August 24, 2009
Top Definition
A Swedish girl, usually has blonde beautiful hair and blue eyes.
Guys find it hard to resist an Ebba.
Everybody likes Ebba's because they are funny and sweet, they also have great personalities and are extremely beautiful.
Yo have you seen that girl Ebba? yeah man shes sexy.
by realguysview October 20, 2009
Ebba , is a girl who is the most sweetest and kindest girl you will ever meet. Shes beautiful, funny and just plain amazing. If you ever meet one, your such a lucky person, and keep them close because there one in a million. Plus there so damn hot :P They like Water alot, and if you are in a hot tub you are officially hot to them. This person is a must person to meet because they make you feel happier, and the world well seem less bleak with them in it. So cherish every moment you have with them xD
Today i talked to Ebba, and relized just how awesome of a person she is.
by Honeybear5 November 19, 2009
Ebba är Adam Fröbers fru och gillar att skratta.
Ebba är Adam Fröbers fru och gillar att skratta.
by Cocksmasher2 May 29, 2011
A small, funny looking person, typically male sometimes in rare cases a female. Have the ability to crawl well
The ebba walked through the small door with no truoble at all.
by Jack Lap March 28, 2007
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