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A phrase used to describe the act of swallowing semen.

Also known as an act of cannabalism that is viewed in a positive light.

It's what you tell the wife when she is getting mouthy about being hungry.

A term used to describe anyone that swallows jizz.

How to identify to your friends a person that swallows.
"Hey Carlos, why did you get married?" "That was easy, Kristina likes to "Eats the babies" after giving me head!"

The new supervisor at work is a dick, he likes to "Eat the babies" for sure.

My girlfriend is a mexican hater, she commits random acts of genocide by eating my babies!

Dr. Hannibal the cannibal lecter doesn't have shit on the sluts that Brian meets, those girls always "Eat the babies!"

Naughty Bob The Skipper is a queer, he eats his own babies!

Those two queers are off to have a baby buffet, they are gonna "Eat the babies!" for sure.
by HeWhofeedsYouBabies! April 15, 2010
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great phrase to trick your father with;
can also mean "to buy a car."
"eat the baby dad!"
"what's that mean? it sounds bad."
by lianah November 20, 2007
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when you eat a baby and you throw it back up through your mouth and then you fuck the dead baby like theres no tomorrow! And then you cut the baby up and stick them to trees, after this step you go back to the trees and take the remains of the baby down so no one will no of the murder you did.... next u eat the fuckin god damn baby like u did before.
hahah i just ate your FUCKING BABY! EAT THE BABIES!
by josh12345678987654321 June 10, 2011
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