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A woman who is easy to have sex with.
"Yo, that chick is a cover girl."
"Why you say that?"
"Cause she an easy breezy."
by Johnny B. Onone May 23, 2006
Capable of being done with no difficulty.
Person 1: Hey, what chu think 'bout that homework assignment?
Person 2: Pssh... easy breezy... beautiful, covergirl
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
Doing it in the wild (a.k.a. outside in the easy breezy).

This phrase may be used to describe a plethora of outdoor "activities".
1. Tracy: "I'm an ANIMAL!!!!"
Jennifer: "Why? You been gettin' it in the easy breezy again?"
by yuwannano December 14, 2007