Mac-ing made easy. Easy Mac = powdered cheese + noodles + your water + 3.5-4 minutes (Big Packs are 4.5-5 minutes).
"Man I can't remember how long to microwave my Easy Mac Big Pack."
"No problem mate, just remember it like this. The regular packs are 3:33, the Big Packs are 4:44."
#easy mac #ez mac #macaroni #maceroni #easy macaroni #yum #easy food #microwavable #kraft easy mac #kraft #food! #college food
by Mugen4 February 27, 2006
1. A faggot
2. A douchebag
3. An easy lay
4. A loose girl

1. To be a faggot
2. To fuck a loose girl
"Jim is being a total easymac, he needs to shut the fuck up."

"Jim is over there easymaccing on that girl, what a douchebag."

"That girl over their is a slut, she's a real easymac."
#easymac #faggot #douchebag #slut #whore
by TheGuyForThingsWhoWinAnd Win August 15, 2008
girls that are easily flirted with or easy to hook up with.
-"There is gonna be some serious easy mac tonight at the party."
- "Dude, time to get some easy mac!"
#college #girls #hooking up #flirting #easy
by sambaswag September 05, 2010
Any bitch thats easy to get wiith.
Greg: Yo i hooked up with that gurl, Stacey.
Pat: again??! .Oh yeh that bitch is real easy mac.
by Greg August 26, 2004
porn on itunes
that one easy mac is only $9.99!!!!
#apple #porn #itunes #easy mac #holy sh*t an avacado!!!
by georgetheplant July 14, 2009
Hooking in with ease possibly due to intoxication of partner.
Taking advantage of someone that is 'easy'.

"Did you see me hooking in with Janine last night, boy was she an easy mac."
#hook up #hook in #food #mack #slut
by Lauralongtime. September 25, 2008
A quick and meaningless crush as a means to fulfill an emotional need, Often on a fictional character.
My boyfrend dumped me, I think I need some easy-mac.
OMG! Wolverine is so easy-mac!
by Bean January 27, 2004
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