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Da town, small town cemetary, a place in the Bay Area
Ima bout to go to East Palo Alto!
by 650 April 02, 2006
Murder capitol in 1992. City full of poverty and violence.Consists of 4 main areas: Tha G, Mid-Town, The Vill, and The Flooda. Borders with East Menlo Park and Palo Alto (The rich side)
I'm from the 650 where they holla at rogue in the E.a.s.t. P.a.l.o. A.l.t.o (East Palo Alto)

Vallejo, San Jo to da Rich, Frisco and EPA (Referring to East Palo Alto) in this Bitch
by young taliban December 16, 2005
One of the only places that all the marc ass niggas and white people stay away from in the bay area
A.k.a EPA
Marc Nigga: Lets go over the Dumbarton bridge to go to Palo Alto

White Guy: But we would have to go throw East Palo Alto to get there

Marc Nigga: So then do we take the 20 minutes drive around EPA

White Guy: Yeah..
by @originalloet November 09, 2011
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