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A drinking game created at USC about business major Ed Carroll. When one of your blonde-haired bro's mentions the "east coast" at a party or social gathering with alcohol, all party members must either finish their beer or take a shot. The context of "east coast" has no limitations.
Ed: "Yo Sammy we totally gotta bring this new music shit back to the East Coast."
Mike: "East Coast Ed, Everyone drink."

Ed: "You just don't see kids rock tight jeans like that on the East Coast, you know what I mean, son?"
Mike: "Yo, he said it again. EAST COAST ED"

Ed: "Dude fuck this game I don't even say 'east coast' that much."
Mike: "Gaiuz he thaid it agen, im so krunk. stawp saying coast east."
by Samuel Adams Wisner September 21, 2010
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