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A dandelion-like weed that has Earl Pickles' face. Often it is not quite grown revealing a bald piece in the middle of its head. It is often killed by spraying a blow torch at it, firecrackers, or some other form of weed poison. Earlweed greens are also delicious to eat. So when you see a flower you just can't defeat, chances are it is an Earlweed!
Earl: Oh no, there's Earlweeds all over the yard. Time to break out the big guns. (he gets out a blow torch) Take that!

Nelson: Hold on, that's ugly. You don't want to kill a defenseless little weed! See how much it looks like you? (he picks one up and shows it to Earl)

Earl: Yes, they're pretty. But they must be destroyed! (he throws the torch at them. The torch explodes destroying all the Earlweeds) Take that! Victory is mine!

Opal: What have you done? You destroyed our garden. Why? (she starts crying) There were some pretty flowers there, and you ruined them.

Nelson: They were Earlweeds. They look like Grandpa Earl. You see? Cute!

Earl: Are you hungry? I think she made some Earlweed soup. We put those bad boys to good use! Long live Earlweed!
by Dusty's Baby Powder November 14, 2011
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