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Another word for ears. Made famous by the animated American TV spy comedy, Archer.

Coined due to ear sounding similar to eye.
"Ow, my earballs!" - Cheryl Tunt, Archer
by thisisanamenowfuckoff December 30, 2011
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The inner parts of the ear. Similar to the eyeball but used for hearing.
Damn it Franco, you stuck that pencil right in my earball!
by Watson December 12, 2004
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A combination of your eye balls and your ears. To be used when both senses are used simultaneously for the same purpose, like watching and listening to a concert.
Oh my god! That concert was terrible! It made my ear-balls bleed!
by Booington October 07, 2006
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Verb; to listen with a critical or objective ear. One would "earball" a great music remix or other piece of audio in the same way as one might "eyeball" a hot chick.

Note that this differs from the two-word definition "ear ball" elsewhere on Urban Dictionary, which refers to the inner workings of the human ear.
Cliche guy #1: Made some slammin' breakbeats on my computer last night and I got 'em in my player.

Cliche guy #2 Gimme your 'phones man, lemme earball 'em.
by Unkie Al February 21, 2006
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first concieved due to agent orange in the Mohican wars of 1476

Eye Ball <--> Ear

An eye on your ear

An ear on your eye
"wow his ear ball is throbbing"

"his huge hair covers his ear ball"

"god i miss the navy"

"damb the marines"
by Mohican Prince September 02, 2009
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