whenever you are talking on the phone with someone and all of a sudden you hear a noise or bad feedback from the other line.
Or even if the person you're talking to you has an unpleasant voice or singing voice.
"OUCH! What was that?!
Oh sorry. I just ear raped you."
by terra3476283739 May 15, 2010
When you rape someone's ear, usually with a penis.
Man that guy totally stuck his cock in my ear, can you even report ear rape?
by whaahhahaha December 14, 2009
When someone plays the band nickelback
Dude, turn that off! Nickelback just totally ear raped me!
by Audreeyyyyyyyyyyy July 27, 2011
Used to define an unwanted, one-way conversation which makes you feel dirty and or used afterwards.
Man, I wish they made ear condoms because the new guy just decided to ear rape me about his personal problems.
by Leroy Mansauce July 22, 2009
An unexpectedly loud noise produced with the intent of surprising an unaware audience or with the intent of humor. A common technique used in YouTube Poop. See article: YouTube Poop. This tactic is a personal favorite of YouTube Pooper Imaperson, exhibited in his video: GENIE HAS BIPOLAR DISORDER.
Imaperson's YouTube Poop contained so much Ear-rape, I had to put ice in my ears.
by Gamer-X April 14, 2010
Earrape occurs when an individual is subjected to bad music and can do nothing to stop the music. Such may occur with boy bands, country music, opera, polka and death metal.
"Is that Big Time Rush playing over the speakers? I've been earraped!"
by clashboy June 26, 2012
Ear rape is a method used by VAGINEER, GAYPENIS, and other YouTube users.

Ear rape is a very loud sound played that can cause damage to the ear drum. It feels like you have been raped in the ear after the sound.
*Innocent kid watching troll.wmv*

*Two words pop up on the screen:*


*loud sound comes on, plays for 13 seconds, and the kid is screeching in pain from the extreme sound.*
by Unusually Vintage Dakolohs Bar August 13, 2011

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