When you are in a conversation and clearly state that you "have to go/gotta run," but the other person KEEPS talking at you.
Person one: "I have to go make dinner.."

Person two: "Okay. Well anyway, let me tell you this funny story about my neighbor...."

Person one: "No means no! This is ear-rape."
by laughatlisa May 11, 2009
The experience of being verbally assaulted by someone who has such a rapacious need to be listened to that you feel like you've been raped by words.
I just bumped into Eric in the grocery store and he ear raped me in the produce section.
by Robert J. Smith, Jr. December 16, 2006
Forcefully talking to somebody and making them listen to you, even though that person has no will or intent to listen to what you are saying.
Wow! he like wouldn't stop talking to me, it was total ear rape.
When you and another person are sharing headphones and one of the people yanks the earphones out of the person's ear. Can also refer to earphones getting yanked out due to the wire getting caught on something while the person is in motion.
James ear raped me when he jumped out of his seat.
by Jimmy Bizzle February 28, 2008
When you hear someone who is so damn annoying that the sound of their voice is worse than being penetrated in the ear.

Jordan: "Wow that Rosa chick just ear raped me."

Steve: "Yea... me too"
by JT Super Bad January 18, 2007

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