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Eagleboy: The big boy of the flock. King of the birds. Has all seeing eyes. Stays high above the drama and always knows what's going on around him. Highly respected, fends for himself, known as the man among men.
Who's that big guy in the Benz on 24"s. That's that Eagleboy just rollin through on the block seeing who's where.
by Eagleboyrox May 01, 2009
3 0
A very ugly boy with the looks of an eagle. Such as, Wiry, huge beak, and just plain fugly all together. He normally has no friends, and the appearance that he can fly. Weird hair and small buggy eyes also go along with eagle boys.
God, Nolan the Eagle Boy needs to just fly away and die.
by Marilyn & Julie April 28, 2007
10 9