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One of the lowest forms of life. Down there with pedos, necros, zoophiles, gays and abos. Of course eaglebian ones are even worse than normal ones. They all are thieving scum. Eaglebians inhabit the suburb called Eagleby, a suburb where no one can afford a car, and the law is
"1. If it's not nailed down, it's yours now.
2. If it's nailed down, free nails."
Needless to say, it is no place to raise a family, and the education of anyone who graduated high school there does not even compete with preschoolers anywhere else. Thankfully, most inhabitants are sloths and never will get to any other area, and cannot afford a plane trip. They will pinch any penny and are all kleptomaniacs.
Don't let that Eaglebian Goodwin grab your wallet.
by weaselstomper August 25, 2009
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