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part of speech: idiom

Originally used by Neil Armstrong when the first man-made craft (the "Eagle") landed on the moon, now used to indicate the completion of a "mission objective".
1. Neil Armstrong: Houston, the Eagle has landed.

2. Criminal #1: Are you inside?
Criminal #2: The Eagle has landed.

3. Jim: So, did you sleep with Allison yet?
Tim: Dude, the Eagle has landed.
by InfrequentNinja January 30, 2004
An expression used in concurrance with a great accomplishment. An obvious referrence to the first Apollo mission to the moon, where it was spoken at the landing of the lunar module. Duh.
Reaching the summit of a mountain; finally putting down bags of groceries; landing on the moon, etc.
by Dr. Phunck January 25, 2004
This was also a popular WW2 movie where Michael Caine was a German who landed in the UK to assinate Churchill.
We saw "the Eagle has landed" last weekend on cable.
by Scartissue April 21, 2005
An expression heard monthly over the PA system in schools informing teachers that their paychecks are in. This is often mocked and made fun of by students.
The announcement echoed over the PA system: "Teachers, the eagle has landed."
by OMGitsjenny June 20, 2005
An expression meaning "The checks are here!"

commonly used at schools and the like (places that only give out checks once a month)
literature teacher : Yea the Eagle has landed

science teacher: great i need my money!
by kow_heman May 13, 2005
What is proudly exclaimed after male genitalia, the eagle, has penetrated the female genitalia for the first time.
"I love you girl" "I love you, babe" *penetration* "the eagle has landed!" *schlop-schlop* "fuck, im done"
by Kevin N January 28, 2004
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