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A type of hand job in which the person giving the hand job forms there hand in the shape of an American Bald Eagle. Especially effective for men with small genetilia. A.K.A. The Mexican Parachute.
The girl in the cat suit gave him an Eagle Claw on the couch.
#handjob #eagle #claw #cat #woman #mexican #parachute
by Concerned Citizen(ben) December 01, 2007
The art of taking a pinch of chewing tobacco with the formation of your fingers, excluding the pinky, in the shape of an eagle claw.
That asshole just took an eagle claw out of my can of chew.
#chew #dip #tobacco #eagle #claw
by kenster33 February 08, 2011
Ignore the other definition, eagle claw is a type of martial arts that involves grappling and pressure points.
I was at a Kung fu tournament and I saw an awesome fight between an eagle claw user and a tiger claw user.
#tiger claw #martial arts #kung fu #tae kwon do #elephant style
by Dongerooni August 02, 2015
when a man follows a woman up some stairs, while she is wearing thongs, crochless panties or nothing at all. the man takes his index and middle finger, sticks them in pussy and the thumb in the ass and grabs the chick and pulls her down the stairs and fucks her good. a good old fashiond new england move.
my girlfriend elizabeth always shoves her ass in my face while we go up the stairs. She begs me for the eagle claw.
#eagle #claws #ass #sex #fingers
by lizardfucker September 26, 2005
An eagle claw is wrinkled skin between the breast of an older woman similar to crows feet around the eye.
did you see the rack on that cougar? yes, but did you see her eagle claw?
#eagle claw #cougar #milf #puma #crows feet
by jonnie505 July 01, 2007
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