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EXP4EXP is the abbreviation for Experience for Experience. This term is mainly related to high school graduates or folks at university or collage looking for a job, but sadly it seems that every job that they looks for needs the worker to have some personal experience.

These people might after a while become depressed since they can't find a job because they need experience, and they can't get experience because they need a job.

Just like the term "You need money to get money", during the recession the term has switched to "You need experience to get experience".
Person 1: Hey Person 2, hows the job finding going along?
Person 2: Oh not too good, you know how it is, EXP4EXP.
Person 1: Yeah dude, I know what you mean, for 6 months I haven't had one interview because of EXP4EXP.
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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