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The definition of "etfc." is quite simple, actually: "et fucking cetera." It's basically the same as saying "etc." however the "f"—for "fucking"—adds just the right amount of emphasis if you're trying to put a point across. Or you could just use it as regularly as "etc." Whatever you want, really.
I wasn't really enjoying the burgers being served at the McDonald's, so I started to chuck shit (chairs, tables, cups, people, etfc.) at the idiotic employees.

Jim: So I was wondering if you were coming to the basketball game tomorrow. Are you?
Bill: Nah, I've got too much work to do. I gotta cook for my girlfriend, eat, shower, bathe, sleep, etfc.
Jim: That sucks, man. Well, see ya!
Bill: Bye. ¬¬
by TEF™ March 18, 2009
27 7
Empty the fucking clip.
GVargs says: "ETFC on that ho-bag!"
by Coocoo For Cocopuffs February 25, 2008
2 3