organization in bloomington illinios, stands 4 Elementrey Scholl Terrorist
the E.S.T. is comin 4 u
by HyperLoserLTJ182 June 01, 2003
Top Definition
EST was the MC in the '90's Hip Hop group "Three Times Dope".
The group gained stardom with the release of classics like: The Greatest Man Alive, Funky Dividends, Mellow But Smooth, etc.
Guy: Man, Three Times Dope was one of the most underrated groups ever!

Hip Hop Historian: Yeah, that EST had some unique flow, yo!
by Knowlege Doctor May 21, 2008
Everyone Stands Together. Popularized by rap artist Machine Gun Kelly.
And I'm still laced up, tell the world that's nothing changed.
Till it's hundred dollar bills in my pocket, then nothings changed.
If my teammate with me, then I don't wanna thang.
Tell them I'll go broke before I run out on my game.
EST over everythang.
by Devofell December 24, 2012
short for establish... like when a relationship starts
helen and simon est on 10.3.04
by n0mis May 19, 2005
EST stands for Estimated Shit Time.

It is the time it takes to take a shit.
Tim "Brb I gotta take a shit"

Bob "What's your EST"

Tim "Well I had Taco Bell so at least 10 minutes"

Bob "Good Luck"
by mrlRiot May 28, 2014
Everyone Stands Together was popularized by rapper Rapid Fire Kelly
EST is more than just a word, it's a family.
by DEADLYPR3DATOR_EST20XX August 26, 2016
exclamation: used at any moment of immense, intense excitement, highness or happiness. can denote the movement of one plane of awesomeness into the one above.

used to relay to those around you that you are in the above state.

always followed by one or more exclamation marks.
*moshing to an awesome tune" EST!!!!

*in line for some crazy ride* EST!!

*nailing something almost impossible* EST!!!!!!!!!!!
by lolceeb123 October 05, 2010
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