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Extended Single Sideband - A modulated transmission voice mode of J3E SSB that exceeds the audio bandwidth of standard or traditional J3E SSB modes in order to support the fidelity required and desired for relative high fidelity, full range clean and articulate vocal audio.

Generally used for Hi-fidelity amateur radio phone transmissions where maximum speech intelligibility is needed or desired.
ESSB Hi-fi has many benefits, the most noticeable being a very pleasing and highly defined sound not inherent with traditional SSB audio. Also, ESSB only occupies 1/2 of the bandwidth required by AM transmissions for the same audio quality, since SSB is a Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier mode vs. AM, which is a Double Sideband with Carrier mode.
by John Anning, NU9N June 04, 2006

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