Hilary's Bitch. They protect the world's children from games and pixilated nipples that weren't supposed to be in their hands anyway.
"Thank god we don't have to act like real parents, now we have the ESRB"
by Daki July 23, 2005
Group that was VOLUNTARILY founded by game publishers to reduce the political heat generated by violent games. Does NOT mandate the sales of M rated games to minors, retailers do. The ESRB's flaw is that the panel's of reviewers who watch footage of games are almost entirely non-gamers. Also, the rating levels are a bit hipocritical if you know how to walk the line.
(Lots of violence can be had in a T rated game, but blood almost certainately guarantees a M rating. Much like the MPAA's hipocracy of rating a film R after the second "fuck" or when used to mean sex.)
Dissafected 13 year old suburban freak: I wish to buy this M rated game and I WANT IS RIGHT NOOOOW!

Clerk: Are you 17, that is the store policy?

by PeaTearGriffin March 20, 2005
Now let's face it,the ESRB is horrible.They have way too much power.Why do you have to be 17 to buy M Rated game?!You'd think it would make sense at first,but wait;I started playing M Rated games when I was 15,and I'm just fine with it.Another thing is,if a company gets an AO rating,they have to sell in adult shop.WTF?!It's not like I would drive to a porn shop to buy Manhunt 2.
by ArmyN64 February 28, 2010

The esrb is a group of people who strike terror into the hearts of gamers. they prevent people are under 17, to play 17+ games that also people who are 17+ have no interest in. they believe that your maturity level is judged by how many days you lived, not by your intellect.

esrb must be stopped now

with your help we can.
15 year old that is actually MATURE enough to play M games:

"Can i have this game?"

cashier: "How old are you"

teen: 15

cashier: come back when you are 17

anti-esrb man: it's esrb's faults!!!!!
by sum gamer February 07, 2010
A self-regulatory organization within the video game industry that assigns age and content ratings to games even though there's never been a valid study in human history that links violent or sexual content in media to social deviancy.
Hey, maybe we should start a self-regulatory organization like the ESRB within the ladder industry to assess the likelihood of people walking under them.
by TrippinBeans December 18, 2010

An organization of people who rate games based on how old you are. Their ratings are put on games to give a person and/or parent an idea of what's in the game and whether it's appropriate for people of a certain age. The ratings always come with details. Their ratings consist of C for early childhood, E for everyone, E10 for everyone 10 and up, T for teen, M for mature, And Ao for adults only. Sometimes there will be an RP rating, this stands for Rating Pending. This organization was founded because of the blood and gore of the first mortal kombat game
ESRB rated Deadpool M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Sexual Content, Strong Language.
by T3hM4dM4n November 10, 2013
A bunch of goddamn heroes. The only thing standing between the videogame industry and governmental regulation -- and yet hated by gamers and developers alike.

But the truth is ... they're the heroes gamers deserve. But not the ones we need right now. So we'll flame them. Because they can take it. Because they're not our heroes: They're our silent guardians; our watchful protectors. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

"I hate the ESRB! I just want to play Grand Theft Auto and fuck bitches and shit! Why they gotta be triflin all up in my game?!"

"Timmy brush your teeth, it's bedtime."

by Arcanist November 07, 2011

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