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The change in speech that happens (sometimes unconsciously) when an EFL speaker is talking to an ESL speaker. The EFL speaks louder & slower, uses clearer syllables and sometimes adopts the accent of their ESL audience.

Useful when ordering Chinese or Indian takeaway over the phone so it is more easily understood.

Has no racist motivations at all but is simply a practical way to assist communication.
EFL: "I have one beef-a-black-been, laaj spesha frai raice, tree dim sim."

ESL: "Ok, be ten fitteen minnas. Ba Bai."

Friend-of-EFL: "Dude, that was some nice ESL speak."

ESL: "Tayn-you. Mehbe I shudda orda sam sprin roos a well."

Friend-of-ESL: "OK you can stop now you friggin racist."
by dalb0z March 01, 2010
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