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The personality coding for Extraversion Sensing Feeling Perception.
ESFP's are highly outgoing and creative people. Referred to by cynics as non-intellectual and even retarded, often because of highly intellectual people's inability to see intelligence in anything that doesn't follow strict logic.
Ironically, ESFP's make a great match for intellectual and logically thinking people.
Wow, today you have made thirty new friends, produced three colourful paintings, danced, played an instrument, practiced yoga, and initiated a party. You must be ESFP!
by The Wisest Idiot You'll Meet June 15, 2012
ESFP's are the least intellectual of all 16 Myers Briggs personality types. They are outgoing and friendly but are absolutely useless and retarded. The highest existence an ESFP can aspire to is a job in data entry but that doesnt bother them because they are too busy drawing with crayons.
ESFP's include Homer Simpson, anyone who repeated an elementary grade, Marilyn Monroe.
by Wonder Waffle December 30, 2009

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