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Extreme sexual frustration: there is no cure, but there are temporary treatments.
Dude, I haven't gotten any in so long. I have such bad ESF.
by ESF09 February 28, 2009
Eat Sleep Fuck
All I Wanna Do Is ESF
by JohnnyCoxville October 03, 2011
Earth Special Forces, the best Dragonball Z mod availible today.
Let's play some a game of ESF.
by DPredator April 11, 2003
A short for Elder Scrolls Forums.
(Oblivion video game forum)
Some idiot on ESF: OMG Bethesda and Elder scrolls series suck!!!!!

Moderator: Official Bethesda and Elder Scrolls forums aren't the best place to post this. Banned.
by Feek165 April 17, 2007
An infamous graffiti crew located in the slums of Lexo in which a bunch of 'lads' congregate and associate with eachother in activitie's such as being 'burners', marijuana smoking, other style's of malicious damage to personal property, getting drunk and having sex.
ESF is the most burner crew in sydney.
by Sense Smith January 06, 2008
Extreme Shit Facer Or Extremely Shit Faced
dude i that guys suchs an ESF or Im so ESF right now
by PWLS November 23, 2008
abbreviation for "Eat Shit Faggot"
usually used in a sporting or gaming event and said to an opposing teammate when you did an action causing direct embarrassment to that opponent.
-Kelley from team 1 just spike the volleyball in Jenny from team 2's face.

Kelley: "ESF!"
by spec09 August 05, 2008

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