End Of File, though used when you complete a project, go to bed, or something similar
I've reached EOF on that project you gave me, what's next?
I'm at EOF for today, tired, going to bed, gnight :)
by Y2D January 09, 2006
End Of File
commonly used on irc and related to mIRC scripting.
by itr May 05, 2003
End of fucking story.
Me; that is so lame.
Kim; No it's not.
Me; Yes it is. EOFS.
by D.F-L. December 30, 2006
EOF, or Equal Opportunity Fucker, is a term used to describe those that are nondiscriminatory when it comes to the gender they have sex with.
Him: "Dude! John! What the hell? That's a dude!"
John: "What? I'm an EOF!"
by neonneo February 13, 2011

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