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Eat My Balls;

Popular Acronym Originating in the Mid 90s on instant messengers such as AIM and ICQ.
Screw you man, you can just EMB.
by K-Bizzle2003 July 16, 2008
Eat My Butt;

The act of taking your mouth and munching on my asshole, and what? EMB BITCH.
Stevie: EMB BABY!
Megan: EMB 4 LIFE!
by EMB4LIFE August 30, 2011
early morning boner...!
dude, i totally get an emb every day!
by luuucy September 08, 2007
Stands for "eat my ball sack."

Once one of the greatest guilds in all of World of Warcraft.
Dude - "Yo man, let me hold five dollars."

Me- "EMBS, bitch."
by PapaSmurf147 October 22, 2009
Named after the waterfront district in San Francisco, Embarcadero means "wharf" or "landing place"
Its also a skateboard spot its a pice of skate history.
lest go skate at EMB
by Keolo March 24, 2005
Emergency Medical Blowjob.
Jared Harmon couldn't get his EMS license, so he went to college (the library) and learned how to give EMB's, Emergency Medical Blowjobs.
John: Man my girlfriend has to work tonight.

Max: Just call Jared, he will administrate a cure for your heartache with an Emergency Medical Blowjob!
by Vigilante DB October 26, 2003
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