Evil Little Fat Folk -
A short, fat person with a terrible disposition.
"That woman in the plus size section was so rude to me!"

"I know, she's such an E.L.F.F.!"

Examples of E.L.F.F. worthy mention:

-Roseanne B.
-that mean woman at the gas station
-that guy at the toll plaza that won't ever let you slide, not even for a penny
-Rosie D., who makes the list despite height
-that guy who did your taxes last year that made you fill out the forms twice
-Joe P.
-Jerry F.
-that woman that ALWAYS has something rude to the server right before they wait on you
-Dick C.
And the list goes on...
by AbsentShe November 10, 2008
Top Definition
Evil Little Fat Folks
I think those interesting specimens are what some call ELFFs.

See Stephen King. Bag of Bones.
by him n. her February 26, 2008

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