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A school in the middle of fields in Lebanon County PA. You can often find yourself late to school due to a farm tractor taking up the whole road. At times the hallways smell like cow shit and you find your clothes saturated with the smell as well.
Exhibit A: Drive your tractor to school day at ELCO HS

person a: Dude...what's on your pants?
person b: Oh, I just stepped in some cow shit in the parking lot.
by sssssshhhhhhh1518 October 28, 2011
19 3
elco means el camino real. the el camino real is a historic route. the school is a complete dump!
the historic el camino real runs along california.

- thats elco
by thecure124dd April 22, 2006
36 22
colloquial abbreviation for El Camino College
Yeah I have elco from 9-2 then I have to go to work.
by Jennifer268 August 23, 2007
4 6