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The bizzare fucked up logic of someone who is a member of Encyclopedia Dramatica, and one who believes everything on the ED Wiki to be true and disregards real facts as sperging.

Calls out other people and calls them retarded for doing something that on circles outside of ED would be perfectly reasonable.

Also hating sites like Thatguywiththeglasses because they make more money than ED does.
"EDiot Logic sure is fucked up."
by MM132 September 12, 2012
EDiot Logic is what trolls on Encyclopedia Dramatica use, in place of actual facts and reason they use lame meme references which were already outdated and insist on using the same insulting slang terms for their victims.

They also refuse to believe anything their victim's tell them and consistantly try to win arguements using their own warped views on things.

For example they view a soundfile that their victim has sent them with the voice deepend as being unintelligelable retard speak.
"Did you try to explain to him about that meme?"
"Yes but he respond with: "U Mad" Bro."
"Ugh...EDiot Logic. How the fuck does it work?"
by MM132 October 25, 2012
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