Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is any of the strategies and technologies employed in the information technology industry for managing the capture, storage, security, revision control, retrieval, distribution, preservation and destruction of documents and content.

ECM especially concerns content imported into or generated from within an organization in the course of its operation, and includes the control of access to this content from outside of the organization's processes.

There is currently an ECM on satellite ______(unmentionable)
by David Cola December 19, 2007
Top Definition
East Corte Madera In Marin County
Me: You goin to ECM today
You: Yeah I am!
Me: Thats Hot
by Sexmachineoftheworld August 13, 2007
East Coast Mafia, group of thugs in central Pennsylavania; known for running everything and being extremely roudy.
ECM, they run this shit!
by J Godd November 12, 2006
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