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1.) Environmental Crunk Crew

2.) An attempt at making fun of high school 'crews'
"Hey gurl, let's get the ECC together and go plant some trees!"

by oddgirloutt January 15, 2009
4 4
East Cooper Crew. A group of young fooligans from the dirty south that have no game and are afraid of women and therefore spend their time with white collar crimes and ugly girls.
guy 1- need any sausage
guy 2- yes
guy 1- call the ecc they have more sausage than poland
by Tyrese Walker December 11, 2004
19 11
Easter Christmas Catholics-refers to rather apathetic catholics who only attend church at the holidays. Often as its a family tradition and were raised catholic but dont practise any of the core beliefs.
The new generation of catholics-those we consider themselves belivers while living a secualr lifestyle.
Yo Dina did you go to church ?

Haha was it christmas yeasterday? My gran is the only one who regularly attends-our family is still catholic through,we are just ECC !
by flamelily February 16, 2009
9 4
An acronym to represent a video game tournament held in the east coast of the US called "East Coast Championships". Usually a number follows it to represent which annual year it is.
Were you at ECC? I heard Justin pwned everyone there.
by not important August 21, 2003
3 6
Acronym, descriptive. Literally stands for "Entertainment Concentration Camp" and refers to jokes/situations where humour is forced, unnatural and frequently cliched.
Person a: "Oh jesus it was so pathetic- he saw my hair and said 'Did'ya have a fight with a lawnmower?'"
Person b: "Talk about fucking ECC! Pathetic..."
Person a: "Totally ECC!"
by Rob Spendley May 17, 2004
1 12