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Chassis designation for BMW vehicle designed for use as a farm vehicle in an attempt to diversify into developing 3rd world countries such New Zealand and South Africa. Extremely popular vehicle in these countries because their owners are delusional enough to think there is a genetic link to BMW's most successful car ever, the BMW 6 series.

The E21 was replaced in 1981 with the even more popular E30 - a vehicle which was innovative in it's time for having a power takeoff as well as harnesses so it could be hitched to draught horses.
Eh bro, I picked up a new paddock basher the other day, it's an E21 and it's primo!
#e21 #bmw #paddock basher #nz #e30
by Choadie January 28, 2009
Chassis designation used to identify BMW 3 series cars (bimmer not beemer), 1976 to 1982. Like the 315, 316, 318, 318i, 320i, 320/6 and 323i.
Had I known that my girlfriend would try and jump a curb, I would have had her take the older E21 to the store, rather than the E30 M3 sport evo.
#bmw #e30 #bimmer #beemer #bahnstorming
by opiv80 October 26, 2005
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