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Measurement of how quickly one responds to electronic communication.
"John took a week to reply to my email. I guess he's got slow e-flexes."
by James Lloyd C. June 17, 2008
The art of convincing people over the internet how cool you are. E-flexing is mostly done by E-tards and hobo's with broadband.
Dude, I'm gonna e-flex you so bad, I would so kick your ass! And I'm certain about it even though I've never saw you, also its good that I will never see you, as it would most probably mean I'd get my fat nerdy ass kicked.
by Tudor Hansson April 03, 2006
a portmanteau of easy (greeting) and flex (the portmanteau of flee and exit meaning depart) which can be used as a greeting or farewell.
Homey: Eflex, how's it going?
Man: Good morning Homey. I'm fine thank you. I must rush, places to be. See you later.
Homey: Ok dude, Eflex.
by Londonpixie July 30, 2008
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