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A male individual who pretends to be a female on messaging boards or in an online video game. They will often try to flirt with other members of said forums or in-game players. The E-Female often has very low self esteem but will act very cocky. The E-Female will also come up with bogus excuses if confronted by being a male in real life. E-Females generally will try to use "Lady like charm" on other players or members and will get offended if said charm does not work. If the E-Female is rejected it might come back to said forums or game with a new identity, sometimes a male one, and if confronted with being the previous E-Female he was, will make up a bogus story, say they are related to them or say they know them. When the E-Female does come back when rejected, it will often try to insult or "dis" his previous form in order to get on the members/players of the game/board to accept them. The E-Female will often send "fake" pictures to people who ask for them in a desperate act to gain attention, if the said E-Female is cought doing so, they will make up a bogus story to try and cover it up.
Chloe is such an E-Female, "she" sent me pictures and when I sent them to my friend to look at them he found them on a website.
by TheAnonymousPoster June 19, 2009
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