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When you drop an E and your bowels feel loose as it starts to kick in. You do farts to check whether you need to lay a cable and they reek.
*dancing in a club*

Girl: "OMG can you smell that?!?"
Boy: "ohhhh someone did an E fart or bogged their pants!"
by chuffp October 19, 2011
Search results that have absolutely nothing to do with your keywords - a common occurrence in poor search engines.
Derp 1:
Dude, I entered "orca" into the Bing search engine and It gave me 100 pages of "Russian pornography" for results.

Derp 2:
Yeah, looks like Bing had a serious E-Fart.
by NewSpeak March 05, 2015
1. When you make a computer boo-boo
2. When a computer has a technical fart, error message or hiccup
Oh-oh, my computer just had an eFart and I think I have to restart...
by Carl Davidson August 11, 2013
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