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Individuals who habitually take lots of Extacy and go out raving all the time. More used during the 90's in the rave scene.
"I went down the club last night but left early as there were a right bunch of E - Heads down there!"
by james fish May 10, 2009
Sucking up, brown-nosing, or generally being an annoying kiss-ass to someone/something online. Derived from "e-" as in e-mail, and "head" as in blowjob.
Hey Joe, why don't you give Felix a little more e-head, ok?
by oceansize November 05, 2007
The process of giving a blow job over the internet on games such as runescape or habbo hotel or club penguin. If you're really good, millsberry. This process involves no webcam. Just hot, sweaty pixels.

It tends to pleasure your pixel boner.
*pulls down your pants* -Joan
oh my god *moan* -Joe
*takes off your boxers and smilez* -Joan
*forces your head onto my cock* -Joe
Ooh baby *sucks* -Joan
wow that was some hot e-head -Joan
yea i just came irl -Joe
by mcpoopalot February 06, 2009
To move backwards; The opposite of "ahead."
Just when I thought I was getting somewhere in our relationship, things began to move ehead.
by curtis x meyer September 17, 2010
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