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A label given to homosexuals who use their 'homosexual status' as a weapon against society in excess or as a means of attracting attention.

Man: "You are such an idiot"
Woman: "You just don't like me because I'm gay!"
Man: "I don't like you because you're an idiot, don't be a dykehead."

Man: "Everyone I'm gay and I'm here to stay, no matter what any of you say!"
Woman: "We know, nobody cares."
Man: "Well I'm gay and I'm proud of who I am, I love myself for who I am and am proud to be gay!"
Woman: "Seriously, if you were proud to be who you are, you wouldn't spend so much time convincing everyone, you're just being a dykehead, as usual."
by Scott fgt June 19, 2011
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