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A party full of women. Not to be confused with "ladies' night" where it's all older women sitting down talking about their past.

A dykefest is all young chicks kissing, dancing, touching and maybe even fucking each other on the dancefloor.
Hon, wanna come in? This is some hot dykefest goin' on in here!

Ew I don't swing that way
by nyazkilam June 06, 2012
the female equivalent of a sausage fest. It is often misleadingly called a party, despite the lack of males present. Often involves taking photos, just to post on facebook, and mass bitching sessions.
Guy - Hey, what are you doing saturday night?
Girl - Oh, I'm going to a party.
Guy - Really? Who's?
Girl - Oh, it's Jane's.
Guy - Any guys going to be there?
Girl - Nah
Guy - Stupid dyke fest
by average_aussie November 16, 2010

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