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To Drink hard and get really really wrecked
Cor blimey I feel like I'm gonna get Dybled tonight.

Yeah he crashed his car, apparently he was dybled at the time.
by Mad Man July 01, 2003
10 4

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Astral Folk Goddess, an exceptionally talented female folk singer.
Did you hear that Ms Dyble sing at Cropredy, a true Astral Folk Goddess.
by Earthbound Folk God October 05, 2007
6 1
To binge drink alcohol excessively over the cause of a very short period of time.
I had a bit of a Dyble session at the weekend, I got bloody Dybled.
by anonymous July 01, 2003
4 6
To become Legendary, exciting and witty.
I was a right Dyble last night, blue!.
by Harold of the Poms July 02, 2003
2 9