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means to be the life of the party. Someone that everyone wants to be around at all times.
Probably the most fun person you'll ever meet in a lifetime
The bestest of the rest. Like ever.
person 1: "This party is so lame"

person 2: "Not anymore, Dyan just walked in" YAY!
by T007 August 27, 2008
A girl who seem very chill,intimidating by the way she looks,and quiet, but when one get to know her she's crazy (in a good way), fun, and nice. She a friend who will always be reliable and look out for you, also she give great advices. One thing about Dyans' is they want people to like them when they usually don't like theirself. Dyans' are usually secretly talented. Dyans' usually one of the most exotic looking person that are very beautiful. They also very beautiful and unique and exotic! they make a great wife, friend, and lover. They usually have a small body but they also have nice bodies. They usually those friends who can eat the whole buffet, and won't gain a pound! They also have a weird, unique, and cool personality. They those girls that might be nice, but you don't want to go to their bad side. The can kick your ass, so dont underestimate them at all!!!
Person 1: my best friend in my life is dyan! She so beautiful!

Person 2: no! Dyan is my best friend first you loser!!!!
Person 3: I wanted to ask dyan out today....
Person 4: me too!!!
Person 5: I think I'm in love with DYan.
by hellocats January 04, 2014
A very beautiful and exotic girl, with a amazing personality. A wife type
Person 1: I'm in love with dyan

Person 2: me too!
by yowhatsupdude January 11, 2014
A word stealer.

Otherwise known as a person who enjoys stealing other peoples words and using them as their own.
1:"Dude, that is so my stole it"

2:"Nu-uh I made this up a long time ago"

1:"Youre such a Dyan"
by T007 August 27, 2008
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