an undescribable fart noise that comes from the tip of a dildo
My lover Gary shoved the toy up my ass, then he pulled it out so it could dweef in my face.
by Listen to Slayer April 01, 2005
Top Definition
A dick fart, similiar to a queef but for a guy.
"Hey Jake, what smells so bad?"
"Sorry man, I just dweefed."
by 4123574324 September 29, 2009
An imaginary troll-like being commonly hallucinated by methamphetamine addicts.
Dude, I just saw another dweef in the bathroom.
by Scott March 05, 2005
A male "queef". Where the male farts out of his penis.
I laughed so hard I "dweefed" and bukkake came out and hit the teacher in the head.
by RAD April 23, 2003
A dweeb who only feeds on queefs, much in the way a vampire feeds purely on blood.
You're going downtown? This late? Well... watch out for the dweefs in the alleys, here's some mace for you if one tries to feed on your snatch gas.
by Dweefhunter February 07, 2009
Dick Fart similar to a queef.
That guy smells like a dweef
by dweefer January 05, 2011
a small burst of air that has been emmited out of the penis usually while urinating (please note that this is only an insult)
Dude did You just dweef I can smell something funny
by Tha Messenjah January 04, 2005
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